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From: Igor Kheifets & Emilis Strimaitis



Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I'm going to reveal a system that is simple to learn and easy to trade.

Even by a total newbie.

And moreover -- this system will take you a maximum 60-90 minutes a day. This gives you consistent, exponential subscriber growth... and unlimited consistent earnings for months to come!

Does it sound too good to be true?

I admit, it seems too good.

But I will prove it.

Take my bud Emka for example. He was clueless about list building and making money from home before reaching out to me.

Now, he is a proud owner of one of the fastest growing and most profitable email lists I've seen in years!

My Surreal Method
Teleported Him Into
The "6 Figure Zone"
In Just 42 Days!

In 7 weeks of working shoulder to shoulder, Emka transformed before my eyes.

When I met him -- he was a lost newbie with a glimmer of hope. He was actively looking for the big breakthrough.

The one "quick-fix" that's going to finally make him cash.

You wouldn't believe me when I say this... but Emka was looking to make an extra $500 a month on the internet...

To pay for his....... college tuition!

You see, Emka wasn't born in a rich family.

Just like myself, he was going out on a limb -- investing every penny he had in courses, ebooks and software.

He dreamed of finding out how to make money online to take the financial burden off his dad's' shoulders...

But Before I Go On,
I'd Like To Share The
Story Of How Our
Friendship Came To Be...

At the time I was just starting out. Finally breaking even..... and even making $1,500.00-$2,500.00 a month.

I was thrilled with my small (yet significant) success.

Emka, following yet another humiliating failure, subscribed to my list.

He replied to one of my follow up emails asking for help.

I replied back. To my surprise, the "back and forth" exchange went on for days.

Eventually we connected on skype. During one of our chats, he snapped!

This guy was a sopping mess. He couldn't take it anymore.

Surprising Fact: Few people know this....... but Emka's old man had to work twice as hard. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to afford the monthly university bills. His old man wasn't getting any younger. My young friend knew he ain't got much time left before... Pa breaks down under the enormous work load.

Hell, He'd Probably
Drop Out...

Unless I Shared
My Secret Formula
With Him That Evening

There Was Just One Condition...

I made him swear by his papa's health he's going to implement what he learns from me from day 1.

Otherwise, the time I invest in his education would be lost for nothing.

Next thing you know...

7 weeks later, calm as a sleeping puppy, Emka's making almost $3,000.00 a month (that's almost $100.00 a day!).

And today, just 5 more months later, here's the amazing results he achieved...


Honesty Statement: notice how I'm not trying to mislead you by claiming Emka made all this money overnight. But don't let this fool you -- using my secret formula, the one I'm going to share with you in just a few short minutes, Emka made more money in 8 month that most people make in 8 years online!

To Me, It Was Like Having
Christmas On My Birthday...
Here's Why:

  1. I was sincerely happy for Emka's giant leap. Now he could easily afford the college tuition... and his dad didn't have to work so hard anymore!
  2. He was my very first successful case study. Emka proved beyond any shadow of a doubt -- my method works!!!

Emka's success boosted my confidence. I made my mind.

I wanted every frustrated marketer to find out about it. Use it. And profit from it.

Just like me and Emka do.

Today my method is being rightfully called the fastest and the easiest way for beginners to make $10,000.00 a month... EVERY MONTH!

And some experts even call it...


The Street-Smart,
Fail-Proof Blueprint
That Brings You Buckets
Of Quick Cash FOR LIFE...

Using a TOTALLY Unique

I know you've probably heard it all before, but I'm going to say it anyway...

They Say Money
Doesn't Grow On Trees...
That's Because They
Never Heard Of My
Explosive System...

Otherwise, How Would You Explain All This Cash?!


In a few minutes, I'm going to hand you what has turned out to be the most profitable money making blueprint of 2011 (for me and hundreds of my customers).

Using this brand new approach I quit my day job in December 2010...

...and went on to earn over $148,675.39 before 2011's end!.

But first...

Who Am I And
Why Should You Care?

I've been extensively marketing information products online since 2007.

Successfully - since late 2010.

In fact, I didn't see results until I accidentally stumbled upon this blueprint...

Which I'm about to show you in a few minutes...

Ever since then: I quit my day job.

I pulled my family out of poverty.

My life has competely transformed...

Thanks to my secret formula!

And this is exactly what can happen to you IF you follow my detailed roadmap to the "T".

Now, I must tell you right up front....

I'm not some kind of fancy writer, or anything like that. And I know that some of what you are about to read may seem hard to believe...

But please, do not feel that way.

Because every sentence... every word... is the absolute truth...

With that out of the way, I'd like to introduce...

A Brilliantly Conceived
Original Strategy With
14 Month History Of
100% Success...

Time Required To Implement
This Strategy: 60 Minutes
Per Day - Tops!

You ever dream about...

Raking undreamed-of riches with a push of a button!

Not a dream anymore! You'll be shocked and amused when you discover the kind of money you'll be making with a mailing list of your own... And you'll be twice as thrilled to find out how fast & easy you can build that list using my secret formula!

Routinely flooding your autoresponder with hot leads... fresh as a summer breeze - ready, willing and able to buy from you... no matter what you're selling!

Follow my brain dead simple formula and witness instant results! In fact, I guarantee you'll have at least a few hundred new subscribers on your list in no time flat! And you'll be loose as a goose, raking unlimited earnings as easy as opening a can of soda...

Waking up in the morning and not having to go to "work"!

Making money in your sleep has never been this simple and fast... Hit the hay knowing you'll wake up to piles of cash...

You're NOT Alone!

FACT: Most internet marketers have no clue where or how to get started. Most of the "blueprints" they buy are too hard, take too much time to figure out and rarely deliver results.

I have just what the doctor ordered.

For those disappointed internet marketers who want to quickly start making a full time income from home.

A complete money making education, including...

The single most powerful secret in the list building game - my clout and position gave me one-on-one, closed door access to the game's most ruthless, profiteering list builders. These are FORBIDDEN secrets you're not supposed to know!

The one skill that propelled me from losing 1000 subscribers overnight to now pulling in up to 820 new optins and $2122.83 in a single day! That's more than $2.00 per every new subscriber on my list!

A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide at putting together an A-list sales funnel in the least amount of time. I'll show you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Think how much time, money and tears this striking secret alone will save you...

But That's Not all,
You're Also Getting
My Most Precisious
Money-Makers Such As...


2 state-of-the-art squeeze page templates that have been consistently pulling in over 61.43% optin rates... These herculean list magnets are unmatched still, consistently out pulling the traditional templates everyone else is using...

Startling reason why getting tons of traffic has nothing to do with dynamic list growth. In fact, you'll be shocked to discover the unconventional list building recipe I've been shamelessely exploiting to generate over 7,717 optins in just 24 days with very little traffic! How's that for a Kodak moment?

Revolutionary new Traffic Volcano that's 3 times better, 10 times faster and 5 times cheaper than Google, Facebook and Yahoo... that you can command at will to easily generate hundreds of optins while you kick your feet up and relax. The traffic is 100% automated and insanely cheap!

How's That For
A Topper? Wait 'till
You Discover...

Why you should almost never use blogging or social media to build a list! If you're already making this mistake - keep your fingers crossed... Because if it's too late, you may end up having to start all over again

How to get an army of hardcore marketers to become your traffic slaves without spending a red cent or getting on your knees!

An easy-to-follow blueprint for setting up a sales funnel to magnetize subscribers and cash like honey attracts flies. Learn 3 unforeseen "quick-fixes" that will catch your competitors with their pants down, without them ever realizing how you did it... They won't know what hit them!

And That's Just A
Small Taste Of What's
In Store For You...

Hundreds of Successful Case Studies
Have Already Proven Beyond
Any Shadow Of A Doubt:

This Breakthrough Method Is
100% Automated, Easy To
Implement And Extremely Effective!

Many Have Already
Supercharged Their

...Doubling, Tripling & Even Quadrupling
Their Lists Almost Overnight!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade

Prepare To Be Shocked!
We Are Risking Our Own Pockets
To Guarantee Your
Piece Of Mind!

No One Else On The Planet
Is Willing To Put Their Name
On The Line And Guarantee
Your Success...

Because They Don't Have
The Breakthrough You're Going
To Discover!

Because of the way this formula is designed...

And the unique guarantee...

I know, without question, anyone who "gets it" is going create a lot of success in 2012...

And because the industry is booming, the success people like you can create (easily, quickly and with confidence)...

is going to be even greater!

Most courses only teach you a part of the puzzle.

Or give you outdated & rehashed information (that used to work in 1997)

My commitment is to turn you into a confident and very successful person...

That's the bottom line!

You'll see why this formula is like no other system in the world...


It's like going to university and getting a bachelors degree in making money on the internet...

in just a few hours!

But unlike any other so called "fast track" express-education, seminar or workshop...

It doesn't cost $2,997.00, $1,997.00 or even $497.00!

Hell, I'm not even going to ask you for 1/10th of that...

Why Would I
Give You My Proven
Roadmap To Land Of Milk
And Honey For Only $17?

...Even Though It Takes
At Least 30 Times That
To Get Me To Spend
60 Minutes On The Phone
With Anyone?

(The Answer May Surprise You)

I'm going to do something I swore I wouldn't do.

My green eye-shade wearing, bean counter thinks I'm nuts.

But I don't care...

Let me be perfectly blunt with you.

I hate working for pennies. Because I know my method never fails... and you'll bank hundreds times over your small investment when you apply my secrets in your business.

But I'm going to make a single exception.

I'd like to extend a one-time only discount offer...

and invite you to try out Instant List Building Formula v3.0 for just $17.

"Okay Igor, What's The Catch?"

Why Are You Giving Me Your
Goose That Lays Golden Eggs
For Just $17?

Truth is, we're planning to pull this offer down very soon...

And relaunch it as a big, by-private-invite-only coaching program at $997.00 a seat.

That's why we believe it's only fair to give our formula away for such a low fee to the next few quick action takers who deserve it.

Sure, we're making almost no profit by letting you download this shockingly effective formula for such a low one time investment...

But hey...

it's not like we're struggling to make ends meet, right?

The truth is, we're going to eat steak tonight... no matter if you invest in ILBF 3.0 or not.

The only person who's life is going to change today is YOU.

Look, if I truly can put thousands, tens of thousands (or more) of dollars in your pocket...

You'd be silly not to invest in my program, right?

But on the other hand...

If I don't deliver the goods -- I don't deserve your money!

And you get a full refund on the spot.

It's as simple as that.

This way you're the sole judge, and if need be, executioner.

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


And Unlike Those All Talk
And No Action Douchebags,
I Didn't Stop There...

Keep Reading For A Huge Surprise!

Looking over my records,

I noticed that most people need that little extra push to fully engage in making money on the internet.

And that is why I'm not only going to let you flat-out steal my secrets at this crazy low price...

But also...

I'm going to bribe you with a gift so sweet you'd be crazy not to say "YES!"...

Premium Fast-Action
Bonus If You Take Action
Before Midnight

On top of the huge discount, I'm also going to throw in these premium bonuses! And mainly...

In addition to...


Click the download button below to receive immediate unrestriced access to the world's arguably FASTEST shortcut to $10,000.00 a Month Income!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade

Download Your 200% Guaranteed Fail-Proof Copy Below!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


Dozens Of Success Stories
Are Irrefutable Evidence
This Ingenious Method
Is Fail-Proof!

It should be obvious I am mercilessly attempting to bribe you to test-drive this program at my own risk.

It's not to separate you from $17.

Quite the contrary.

I know you will never (left to yourself) fully utilize the highest and best profit and growth your business has to offer you...

Without the help of these powerful techniques, methods and principles.

I urge you to take action now.

Review the risk-free acceptance form below, tick the boxes you agree with and click the "download now" button to fully engage in the awesomeness of the "Quickest & Easiest $10,000 a Month Formula"!

risk free acceptance form

YES, Igor & Emilis! I Want to Discover Instant List Building Formula 3.0 and Take Advantage of Your Proven Shortcut To $10,000.00 a Month!

YES! I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get Instant List Building Formula 3.0 for just a low one-time DISCOUNTED payment of $17

YES! I realize that alongside my purchase of I.L.B.F 3.0 I also get a FREE copy of Video Squeeze Page Domination which reveals the Secrets to Lightning-Fast List Building Using The Influental Powers of Video Without Being a 'Tech Savvy' Whiz-Kid (that would otherwise cost me $97)

YES! I know that as a part of this special limited offer, I'm also receiving the 33 Hidden Subliminal Money Magnets Wallpaper Set, which is going to automatically re-program my mind for attracting easy money into my life without any work or conscious effort on my part. Priceless!

YES! I am aware of the fact that I'm also getting access to a set of ten exquisite squeeze page templates (a $499.99 value) as a part of the major January 2012 ILBF 3.0 update - absolutely FREE!

YES! I would also like to discover the 2 mysterious no-fail traffic sources that are going to finally solve my traffic problems forever as "part 2" of the major January 2012 ILBF 3.0 upgrade - absolutely FREE!

YES! I realize that by becoming a customer today I will be entitled to free lifetime upgrades and I will be immediately notified when the system is being updated with fresh top of the line list building strategies - FREE!

YES! I also understand that my order is 200% Risk Free and Legally Protected by Igor's 60-Day No-Fail-Guarantee according to which I either walk away with at least 100 new subscribers on my list or my money back. And if I decide to do so, I can keep Instant List Building Formula 3.0 and all the insane bonuses (incl. Igor's close-kept subliminal money magnets and the ten one-of-a-kind squeeze page templates) for my trouble!

Just click the "Download Now" button below to claim your copy of Instant List Building Formula 3.0 (January 2012 Upgrade) and over $1,097.00 In Elite Bonuses For A Small One-Time Investment Of Just $17!

Instant List Building Formula v3.0: January 2012 Upgrade

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be promted to register your purchase. Do not forget to click "Return to Merchant" button after payment! If you're having trouble with your purchase or you didn't receive a download link during purchase process, please email me at


Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


As Attractive As This
Offer Is, My Experience
Tells Me That Only
About 8% Of The People
Receiving It Will Respond...

Although That’s OK From A Business
Standpoint, It Still Bothers Me Personally.

You see, I know how much my customers benefit from the strategies I share with them.

I read their emails...

I talk to them on the phone...

I chat with them on Skype...

And hundreds emailed me and said “It’s the best money I’ve spent in years!”

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting Instant List Building Formula v3.0 (January 2012 Upgrade) because of some error or omission in my explanation.

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my platinum mastermind group just to try to figure out why you might say “No” to this offer.

After several hours, our group could think of the following reasons.

Here they are:

"Won't These Methods
Become Saturated Once
Everyone Acts Smart & Starts
Using Them To Quickly
Build Their Lists?"

The number one question I get from clients is...

"Is Instant List Building Formula going to become saturated if everyone and their brother jumps on it?"

And the answer is a big fat NO!

I know what I'm about to say will sound like a bunch of hype that's designed to convince you to invest in this program...

But trust me... Instant List Building Formula feeds on competition.

Plain and simple.

It may even sound instantly traumatizing for some folks...

But it's honest to god truth.

You, see unlike...

  • Article Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • PPV
  • Facebook Social Ads
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Forum Marketing and dozens of other methods

Instant List Building Formula can't be saturated!

You'll understand why after you discover what the formula is...

And what its all about.

Until then...

You can either sit on the fence, keep waiting for someone to come in and save you...


Grab Instant List Building Formula v3.0 (January 2012 Upgrade) and join the "$10,000 a month club" today!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


"I Don't Have A Website..."

No biggie...

In fact, as a part of our previous September 2011 update, we uploaded a special video to the members area that walks you through the process of getting a domain and hosting account for pennies.

And we didn't stop there.

We also show you how to edit and upload your very first website...

Using free software!

I bet you didn't know this, but...

According to the latest survey, done by a very famous blogger...

Not knowing how to edit and upload a website is the #1 most common issue for beginners.

This may very well be the reason why you're still unsuccessful at building a list and making money online...

I know for a fact -- you'll appreciate this as much as our customers do.

Because I am 100% sure that you'll see a major breakthrough in your business nearly overnight!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


"I Don't Have A Product..."

There's no point in hiding this, so I might as well just put it on the table.

You don't need a product to make money.

In fact, I will show you how to make a $10,000 a month without a stinking product.

The secret sauce is... YOUR LIST!

With list -- you have leverage... And leverage equals money.

Here's a screenshot of one of my Clickbank accounts...


It has nothing to do with selling my own products.

It's from way before I met Emka...

Months before I transformed into a professional I am today.

At the time I was only starting out...

Still scratching my head... trying to crack the code to online riches...

But I was already making money...

And most important -- enough money to quit my job and work from home full time.

Don't envy my success... Join Me!

Click the big orange button below to get started!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


“Even If All You’re Saying
Is True, I Already Bought
A Bunch Of Similar Products
And None Worked For Me!
What Makes Your System

If you’re expecting to receive a big red shiny button you can push and money will come falling from the skies, then nothing’s different...

You will keep buying into all the crap...

Keep asking for refunds... complaining to your peers about how everybody’s trying to rip you off…

But if you’re ready to invest 30-60 minutes per day – you’re going to enjoy a consistent cash flow in less than 2 weeks from now.

I’m giving you the exact tools, tips and tricks I paid for with my own blood, sweat and tears.

You don't have to suffer like I did...

Simply plug-n-play these widgets into your business today...

And watch your pocket grow!

You can't buy this information anywhere else.

This is a certified formula I exploit daily for automated cash flow...

My life is filled with joy and satisfaction.

My finances are secure.

I never worry about "rent" or "bills" anymore.

An email to my list pays the cleaning lady!

And like I said: this works like clockwork for everybody!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


“Until Now All The Vendors
I Bought From Had
Lousy Support!”

Unlike some indecent folks out there, I take my customers seriously.

In fact I don’t make you jump through hoops to get in touch with me.

If you have any problem with your purchase, downloading the formula or making it work, you can always reach me at

Just email me and I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

I don’t take weekends off.

I check my email on holidays.

You will get my undivided attention if you run into any troubles.

In fact, here's what kind of support you can expect!

This is a "thank you" video from one of my students.

He had very little success building his list.

He was actually losing subscribers hand over fist before I introduced him to the formula:

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


What's Stopping YOU?

If you still have any questions left, you can either email me at or call me up at (+972 549 142433).

Now that I’ve addressed all your concerns, I truly believe that there’s nothing out there that can stop you from firing your boss using Instant List Building Formula 3.0 (January 2012 Upgrade).

Next step is to click on the “Download Now” button below to join me and hundreds of my students who are enjoying the luxury of a full time paycheck working 60-90 minutes a day...

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade


To Your Infinite Success,


P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply these techniques. Your FREE traffic bonus will allow you to advance even faster, breaking through the "zero dollar barrier" as easy as opening a can of soda!

P.P.S. One more thing I almost forgot to mention - this program includes the best, most unique list building tool there is - ME. You get my professional opinion on everything you do when you get started. As often as you need. Any time.

P.P.P.S. Missed my "no fail guarantee"? The short of it: I'm sticking my neck out for you to ensure all the risk is on me! Remember: either you walk away with 100 new subscribers on your list within a week or it's FREE!

I could go on and on re-assuring you with benefits, but here's the thing: you need to prove to yourself that you can experience your own personal miracle. Click below to get started immediately...

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,197...

Instant List Building Formula 3.0: January 2012 Upgrade



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