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This is my first genuine testimony. Why? Simply because no one has deserved it... up until now!

"Instant List Building Formula" truly deserves all my bragging I can give!

I have been going thru program after program... always missing a piece of the puzzle to achieve it... always never quite having the answer nor having good support.

This List Builder from Igor is the "Bomb", it rocks...

It connects all the pieces of the puzzle... He is there always to answer his emails or skype... Always in support of your journey to riches.

With this program, you have every chance in the world to truly achieve it because you WILL build that valuable list. It is made so anyone, new at this or seasoned, will reap the harvest.

You will actually be able to complete the process... continue with it to the end and acquire the results it said you would.

I have been able to triple my list since I began putting my trust all in Igor, his program and his support. His video tutorials are some of the most unique instructions to follow. You will pick up on his compassion and yet simplicity in conquering the internet to make that all so needed income.

Igor is about my 5th Mentor I have put my trust in and he is the only one that I will ever need to have again. And Yes I have been around a few years to make this claim.

Make a wise decision now and see the program for yourself... you will not be disappointed... you will not be making a mistake. You will be pouring that strong concrete foundation you need for your business.

Rosann Gebke



From: Igor "The Lazy Affiliate" Kheifets


Dear fellow affiliate,

I'm going to reveal to you a system that is simple to learn and easy to trade even by a complete newbie, and moreover, the system will take you a maximum 60-90 minutes a day giving you consistent, exponential list growth and unlimited mechanical earnings for years to come.

Does it sound too good to be true? I admit, it seems too good, but I will prove it.

Take Emilis for instance. He was clueless about list building and affiliate marketing before he contacted me. Now, he has one of the fastest growing and one of the most profitable email lists I've ever seen!

2Genuine User Testimonial1

"My List Keeps Growing!"

When I first started out with Instant List Building Formula I knew nothing about list building, just the famous phrase "the money is in the list".

It seemed like doing something big, I thought I couldn't handle it.

So I set myself down and just followed Igor's formula. In 40 minutes, I had a nice looking squeeze page with great copy, a free video that I've made for my subscribers, aweber form all set up. I had everything I've needed to start.

Not only I've had everything in place, but I've learned how to do it. Now I can repeat the process, because I know what steps should I take in order to start from scratch.

Once my offer was set up, it was time to go for an eyeball hunt. Igor suggested me where to begin and how to do it, and by the first day of traffic generation I could see my first subscriber!

Of course, this is a small victory, but that was my very first subscriber! I've actually made progress. It's like making the first sale. You stare at that "1" and you feel extremely proud of yourself, because you know you did something right!

Since then, I've kept getting traffic, and my list keeps growing! I am getting over 50% conversion rate to my squeeze page.

I've bought tons of list building systems in the past few months and I can honestly say that this is the best money I've spent so far! After experiencing this information first hand, I completely changed the way I build my list.

Thanks for revealing your formula!

Emilis Strimatis


"The Street-Smart Jealously Guarded Secrets That Bring You Buckets Of Quick Cash FOR LIFE... Using a TOTALLY DIFFERENT Traffic & Conversion Approach!"

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1No previous experience is necessary

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1No More Guesswork - Just Follow My Detailed Roadmap To An Insanely Profitable Mailing List


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"Eye Opening!"

Hey Igor,

Just went through your product and to be honest it kept me up all night, which is not good when you have kids!

I have to say that "Instant List Building Formula" is just jam packed full of great tips and tricks for building your list.

Whether you are completely new to list building, or a seasoned veteran, you will pick up some top tricks to explode your list and earnings.

The content is truly eye opening, and I have already started implementing some of your tips, and am looking forward to seeing my list and earnings explode.

What else can I say but thank you for all of this great content, but can I just ask one thing? Please, can you put the price up, as I am certain you have undervalued yourself with this...

Thanks, Igor, my friend.

Paul Power



In a few minutes I'm going to hand you what has turned out to be the most profitable money making blueprint of 2010 (for me personally). Using this brand new approach I quit my day job within just a few short months.

But first...

"Who Am I And Why Should You Care?"

I've been extensively marketing information products online since 2007. Successfully - since late 2010. In fact, I didn't experience any success until I accidentally stumbled upon this blueprint I'm about to show you in a few minutes...

Ever since then: I quit my day job. I pulled myself and my family out from poverty. My life has competely transformed thanks to "Instant List Building Formula". And this is exactly what it's going to do for you when you follow my detailed roadmap.

Now, I must tell you right up front, I'm not some kind of fancy writer, or anything like that. And I know, too, that some of what you are about to read may seem hard to believe. But please, please do not feel that way. Because every sentence, every word, is the absolute truth...

And before we go further, a word from Jayson Benoit, CEO Real Networks LLC, an extremely talented internet marketer and all around good guy...


"My Personal Formula For Wealth"

In the past 9 month success has been literally stalking me everywhere I go. Sometimes, it gets ridiculous...

People are cornering me in public restrooms, begging me to teach my secrets... wanting me to save them from the 9 to 5 nightmare most call a job...

I became so famous for being "the internet guy" in my small hometown here in Arad (~25,000 population), I can't even walk into a cafe without being aggressively stormed by desperate individuals who see me for nothing less than their "financial messiah"...

Wouldn't you like to experience that kind of "success"... FAST?

But I'd be lying to you if I'd say making money on the internet has always been this easy for me. 4 years ago I started in this business with no mentor. No one to hold my hand. Nobody told me what to do and how to do it.

I had to bang my way through every door of opportunity I could find. And at that point, it seemed, every door was equipped with a steel lock, 6" armor and 2 elite navy seal bodyguards fully loaded and ready to rumble...

Sounds dramatic, I know. But that's my story. And what saddens me most, is that it's extremely similar to most stories I hear these days.

But the good news is - I made it through... and I'm dedicated to sharing exactly how I did it step-by-step with a few privileged marketers who are willing to think a little bit differently from the rest.

If that's you, keep reading.

"A Brilliantly Conceived Original Strategy With An "Over 9 Month History" Of 100% Success... Time Required To Implement This Strategy: 60 Minutes Per Day - Tops!

Did you ever fantasize about...

Raking undreamed-of riches with a push of a button? Instant List Building Formula ensures - sending out just one email may results in an avalanche of cash directly into your bank account... you'll see REAL cash within 12-24 hours - guaranteed!

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"You're NOT Alone!"

FACT: Most struggling internet marketers have no clue where to get started. Most of the "blueprints" they encounter seem too hard, take too much time to figure out and rarely deliver results.

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2 state-of-the-art squeeze page templates that have been consistently pulling in over 62% optin rates... These herculean list builders are unmatched still, consistently out pulling the traditional templates!

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Why you should almost never use blogging or social media to build a list!

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An easy-to-follow blueprint for setting up a sales funnel to magnetize subscribers and cash like honey attracts flies. Learn 3 unforeseen "quick-fixes" that will catch your competitors with their pants down, without them ever realizing how you did it... They won't know what hit them!

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5 Unshackable Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Build Your List!

  1. FACT: Google and all the "traditional" traffic methods are constantly evolving, making things harder for guys like you and me who are trying to make a living on the internet. In one word - UNSTABLE. You may wake up tomorrow and lose your business overnight. I know, because it happened to me... twice! Simply stated, if you rely on anyone but yourself for traffic - sooner or later the rules are going to change and you'll be forced to re-build your business from scratch all over again. Trust me, you do not want that!

  2. FACT: Having undisputed authority over thousands of people who want to buy from you is like having your own personal ATM Machine installed right in your living room. Send an email - make money. It's a neverending "on-demand money printing" FUN!

  3. FACT: all product launches rely on JV partners with big lists. If you have a list - you automatically become one the 'cool kids' everybody wants to hang out with. You get respect. Have people bend over backwards only so you promote for them and have them promote for you in return! You'll laugh all the way to the bank when everybody starts promoting YOUR products for a change...

  4. Most important, your own mailing list of targeted prospects and buyers who know, feel and respect you - is the ONLY way to guarantee long-lasting wealth in any (even the most unstable) economy. Don't believe me? Ask any (even the semi-successful) email marketer whether he was affected by the latest economic downfall... I know I wasn't and neither were any of my JV partners who work with me... Will you? Your choice...

  5. I saved the best for last... For the first and only time in 4 years, I'm inviting you to try out my concealed formula for an extremely low investment! but more about that in a second, first, my no-lose guarantee...


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I'm going to do something I swore I wouldn't do.

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Let me be perfectly blunt with you. I hate working for pennies, because I know my method never fails and you'll bank hundreds times over your investment when you apply my secrets. But since you were refferred here by one of my closest JV partners and he twisted my arm, I'm going to make a single exception.

I'd like to extend a one-time only discount offer and invite you to try out Instant List Building Formula for just $17.

"Okay Igor, What's The Catch? Why Are You Giving Me Your Goose That Lays Golden Eggs
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Truth is, I'm trying to get you "hooked"!

That's right. I'm shamelessely attempting to get you "addicted" to my money-making advice.

Look, if I truly can put thousands, tens of thousands (or more) of dollars in your pocket with my advice - you'd be silly not to invest into my next product or seminar, right? Of course, but on the other hand, if I don't deliver the goods I don't deserve your money and you get a full refund on the spot. It's as simple as that. This way you're the sole judge, and if need be, executioner.

"And Unlike Those All Talk And No Action Douchebags, I Didn't Stop There... Keep Reading For A Huge Surprise!"

Looking over my records, I noticed that most people need that little extra push to fully engage themselves in making money on the internet. And that is why I'm not only going to let you flat-out steal my secrets at this crazy low price, but better yet, I'm going to give you a bribe so sweet you'd be crazy not to say "YES!"...

"Premium Fast-Action Bonus
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"FREE - 30 Minute Breakthrough Power-Coaching Session"

Thanks to 4 Years of real-world experience in addition to working with tens of private clients all over the world, I found out that 9 out of 10 times, lack of results is caused by inner factors such as information overload, lack of focus, lack of vision and inability to "see through".

My guess is if you failed, one (or all) of these is the cause. During our private Breakthrough Power-Coaching Session we will identify the main reason that's responsible for your failures and crush it like a bug so you can fully enjoy the worry-free list growth!

$400 Value - Yours Free!

And that's just the start! Here's the most important part...

"Video Squeeze Page Domination"

Traditional landing pages just don't cut it anymore. People can see right through your intentions and unconsciously arm their anti-salesman, infra-red, hype-sensitive, 10 ft. tall defense shields making it insanely hard to convert them into subscribers, customers and repeat buyers.

This is NOT a rehashed PLR. This information is so 'underground' that only Me, My 'Inner Circle' Mastermind Partners and My Four Figure Private Coaching Clients have access to.

"Video Squeeze Page Domination" exposes the secrets to to easily, using the power of video, 'spit out' high converting video squeeze pages without being a 'tech savvy' wiz-kid.

These Video Squeeze Pages will not only assure conversions of 50% or more in any niche, but will instantly magnetize your visitors into falling in love with you and your product.

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"I Made My Money Back Within 18 Hours! Doubled My Investment Within 22!"

Hi Igor,

I've bought tons of list building systems in the past few months and I can honestly say that this is the best money I've ever spent!

After experiencing this information first hand, I completely changed the way I build my list.

Thanks for revealing your formula!

Amelia Foo


1Genuine User Testimonial2

"I Am Now Able To Convert Visitors Into Raving Fans In Just A Few Clicks!"


Thanks for explaining EXACTLY how to structure a perfect opt in campaign for lead LOYALTY and PROFITS at the same time.

Your formula takes apart about 90% of all list building myths I believed to be true, and really delivers results.

I am now able to convert my visitors into raving fans in just a few clicks. Growing my internet marketing business is now easier then it ever was before.

And the part I'm loving the most is that I am able to save a fortune in AdWords fees!

Vadym Zyabkin


12Genuine User Testimonial1

"Dramatically Accelerated Optins!"


Thank you for the great material about how to convert visitors into long term customers.

The stunning thing that I found to be true is that even though they may not buy the first time I offer them something, they usually jump on anything I'll recommend later on.

And a special thanks for the template you gave me. I used it and it dramatically accelerated optins!

Robert Vance,


1Genuine User Testimonial2

"Dramatically Accelerated Optins!"


You made me take a good long hard look at my business.

Your list building formula is a no fluff gem. Straight to the point and a new way of looking at my marketing from now on.

Look forward to working with you in the future.

Andy Beveridge


1Genuine User Testimonial2

"Makes Sense!"

Totally no fluff and straight to the point. And it makes so much sense which few have thought of.

To think one simple change which can greatly affect conversions.

San Lee



Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
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"And Dozens Of Identical Success Stories Are Irrefutable Evidence This Ingenious Method Works Like Clockwork Everytime!"

It should be obvious I am mercilessly attempting to induce you to test-drive this program at my own risk. It's not to separate you from $17. Quite the contrary. I know you will never (left to yourself) fully utilize the highest and best profit and growth your business has to offer you without the help of these powerful techniques, methods and principles.

I urge you to take action now. Review the risk-free acceptance form below, tick the boxes you agree with and click the "download now" button to fully engage in the awesomeness of profitable fast-track list building!

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YES, Igor! I Want to Discover Instant List Building Formula and Take Advantage of Your Proven Blueprint for Rapid List Building Success TODAY!

YES! I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I can get Instant List Building Formula for just a low one-time DISCOUNTED payment of $17

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YES! I know that as a part of this special limited offer, I'm also receiving Igor's 33 Hidden Subliminal Money Magnet Desktop Wallpapers which are going to automatically re-program my mind for attracting easy money into my life without any work or conscious effort on my part. Value: priceless!

YES! I also understand that my order is 100% Risk Free and Legally Protected by Igor's 60-Day No-Lose-Guarantee according to which I either walk away with at least 100 new subscribers on my list or my money back. On top of that, I am free to demand a full refund for any reason in the next 60 days. It doesn't have to be logical or ethical reason and I can keep Instant List Building Formula and all the insane bonuses (incl. Igor's close-kept subliminal money magnets) for my trouble!

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Just click the "Download Now" button below to claim your copy of Instant List Building Formula and $497 In Elite Bonuses For A Tiny One-Time Investment Of Just $17!

As soon as your payment is authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be promted to register your purchase. If you're having trouble with your purchase or you didn't receive a download link during purchase process, please email me at mastermindmarketingsupport@gmail.com



"As Attractive As This Offer Is, My Experience Tells Me That Only About 12% Of The People Receiving It Will Respond..."

Although that’s okay from a business standpoint, it still bothers me personally.

You see, I know how much my students benefit from the value I share. I read their emails, I talk to them on the phone, I chat with them on Skype and dozens of them told me that “It’s the best money I’ve spent in years!”

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting Instant List Building Formula because of some error or omission in my explanation.

That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my mastermind group just to try to figure out why you might say “No” to this offer. After several hours, our group could think of several possible reasons.

Here they are:

"Won't These Methods Become Obsolete Once More People 'Act Smart' And Start Exploiting 'em To Quickly Build Their Lists?"

The number one question I get from clients is whether Instant List Building Formula going to get saturated if everybody starts using it. And the answer is a big fat NO!

I know what I'm about to say will sound like a bunch of hype that's designed to convince you to invest in this program, but trust me when I say that Instant List Building Formula feeds on competition. Plain and simple.

It may even sound instantly traumatizing for some folks, but it's true.

Unlike Article Marketing, SEO, PPC, PPV, Facebook Social Ads, Social Media, Blogging, Forum Marketing and dozens of other methods that are heavily dependant on the amount of competitiors fighting over a small niche crowd of customers, Instant List Building Formula can't be saturated!

You'll understand why it is so only after you discover what this method is all about. Until then, you can either sit on the fence, keep waiting for someone to come in and save you or grab Instant List Building Formula and get into the list building money zone today!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
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"I Don't Have A Website..."

No biggie...

In fact, I have a special video in the members area that walks you through the process of getting a domain and hosting account for pennies.

And I didn't stop there.

I also show you how to edit and upload your very first website using a free ftp client. Which, believe it or not, nearly 90% of the people who look me up for coaching, don't know how to do...

And based on the latest studies in our community, done by a famous blogger, not knowing how to edit and upload a website is the most common problem in the internet marketing industry. And this may very well be the reason why you're still unsuccessful at building a list and making money online...

You'll appreciate this as much as my students do, because I know for a fact that after you master these techniques you'll see a major breakthrough in your business nearly overnight!

Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
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"I Don't Have A Product..."

There's no point in hiding this, so I might as well just put it on the table.

You don't need a product to build a list and make money online. In fact, you I will show you how to make a 4 figure per month income without a stinking product.

The secret is in the list. If you have a list - you have leverage... And leverage equals money.

Here's a screenshot of one of my Clickbank accounts that has nothing to do with selling my own products:


Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
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“Even If All You’re Saying Is True, I Already Bought A Bunch Of Similar Products And Nothing Ever Works For Me! What Makes Instant List Building Formula Different?”

If you’re expecting to receive a big red shiny button that you can push and leads and money will come falling from the skies into your bank account, then nothing’s different...

You will keep buying into all the crap and keep asking for refunds and complaining to your peers about how everybody’s trying to rip you off…

But if you’re ready to invest 30-60 minutes per day into following my covert formula – you’re going to enjoy a steady cash flow in less than 14 days from now. I’m giving you the exact tools, tips and tricks I paid for with my own blood, sweat and tears for you to plug-n-play in your business. You can't buy this information anywhere else.

This is a certified list building formula that I exploit daily for automated cash flow while spending the bulk of my time on watching Comedy Central, playing Video Games and taking my fiancé out to local restaurants

And like I said: this works like clockwork for everybody!

1Genuine User Testimonial2

"Missing Link I've Been Searching For!"

Hi Igor,

I've spent tons of time trying to wrap my head around list building with little and rather pathetic results. I had my share of ups and downs in this business (mostly downs) and your guide is like a breath of fresh air for my chocking business.

It's the missing link I've been searching for. ILBF has finally cleared so many burning questions I had about squeeze pages, autoresponders and affiliate marketing.

The thing I found most valuable is the fact that you're not hiding anything back. Most of the guides I purchased are usually walking you through a tiny piece of the puzzle and than ask you to buy more to get the advanced secrets.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that ILBF covers list building cover to cover and keeps nothing back!

Thank you!

Scherie Lee



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Unlike some indecent folks out there, I take my customers seriously. In fact I take them so seriously that I do not outsource customer support and don’t make you jump through hoops to get in touch with me.

If you have any problem with your purchase, downloading the formula or making it work, you can always reach me at mastermindmarketingsupport@gmail.com.

Just email me and I’ll get back to you within 12-24 hours. I don’t take weekends off and I check my email on holidays so you will get my undivided attention if you run into any troubles.

Besides, when you purchase Instant List Building Formula you immediately qualify for a free 30 minute power-coaching session that you can use to get my undevided attention non-stop for 30 minutes!

In fact, here's what kind of support you can expect! This is a video from one of my older students, who's had very little success building his list. He was actually losing subscribers hand over fist before I introduced him to the formula:

"I Want These Results Too!"


"What's Stopping YOU?"

If you still have any questions left, you can either email me at mastermindmarketingsupport@gmail.com or call me up at (+972 549 142433).

Now that I’ve addressed all your concerns, I truly believe that there’s nothing out there that can stop you from firing your boss using Instant List Building Formula.

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Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
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To Your Infinite Success,


Igor Kheifets


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Grab Instant List Building Formula For Just $1,997...
Special Offer - ONLY $17

(expires at 23:59 EST on )



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